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Mara Phones vs Huawei and Samsung

Mara phones recently launched itd first ever smartphone manufacturing facility in south Africa, where manufacture of two smartphones branded Mara X and Mara Z will be taking place-the manufacturing plant… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – South Africa

Samsung has revealed yet another new samsung brand of its series – the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ smartphones, each of which offer premium features and powerful hardware. The… Read more »

Cell Phone Insurance

Cell phone insurance is a better way to cover your cellphone from unexpected loss, theft and accidental damage. Get quote for affordable premiums with great benefits and extremely impressive service… Read more »

Send MoneyGram transaction via Cellphone Banking.

You must be a registered cellphone banking user to transact. Dial *120*321# and enter 5-digit PIN Select Option 2 (Banking) Select Option 4 (Payments) Select Option 5 (MoneyGramâ„¢) SA Residents… Read more »